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If you are planning a holiday where the gas supply is bottled, ie caravans , chalets etc etc, please check to see if the cost is included. A friend recently stayed in a private rented caravan from an ebay ad and the gas ran out after a couple of days, he contacted the vendor for replacement and they informed him it was his responsibility and he had to cover the cost. You can only get full bottles and they ain’t cheap so he would’ve been leaving loads of gas for the next person to use which is NOT fair. BE WARNED. Don’t get ripped off like this. Check for hidden extras. No one else will tell you this stuff. I tell it as it is. This happened. Don’t let it happen to you. My friend walked away and left the caravan, went home early rather than spend an extra £70 on gas.


For organised BBQ’s with 10 plus people you will need prior permission from Rother District Council. To gain permission, requests should be made in writing stating the name of the organiser, date of the BBQ and number of people attending and there will be conditions if permission is granted, such as where and when. For more info. on this call 01424 787507.  You will probably need to have some form of public liability insurance in place as with any organised event in a public place. BBQ’s in the dunes are illegal and only gas BBQ’s are allowed on the beach, no charcoal or disposable ones whatsoever. I hope this answers any questions you may have regards this matter

If there is something you need to know that isn’t on the site then send me a message and if I can help then I will. It’s completely free but I will not respond to fools with nothing better to do than expect me to do their geography homework for them. And no more morons asking if they can ride bikes and buggies on the dunes. It gets boring insulting people back.


I have built this site to let you know a bit more about this wonderful place . I have tried to include as much info. as possible without getting too boring and if you can’t find the info you want on here then get in touch and if I can help, I will.

I am not going to give you some load of old flannel about how people i know used to lived here years ago, because you don’t care about my history. I figure you want a good honest opinion of it all now, today. No adverts all over the pages. I live here, I live here now and have done for years, that’s it, simple. All the other Camber sites just rip each other off and swop info and some have even directly copied my stuff and nicked my photos. Nice eh !!!

Please note that you cannot book accommodation through me or this site. You will need to contact the relevant people on the phone numbers listed.

Getting here.

Got a sat nav ? Then here’s a postcode that’ll get you here. TN31 7RB.

Failing that, if you are coming from Hastings way, stay on the A259 coast road to Rye then follow the signs for Camber or Lydd. If you’re coming from M20 and Ashford way then you’ll need to come off at M20 J10 and follow the A2070 to Brenzett. Get to the Total garage roundabout and go straight on and follow that road for a few miles round some twisty bits and over a couple of level crossings and the turning for Camber is signposted on your left. If you get to Rye then you have clearly gone too far you dumbo. Get a bus pass, you shouldn’t be driving !  Only kidding.

If you are coming by train then get off at Rye and either get a cab from the station, it’s not far and reasonable cost, or go to the end bus stop for the bus to Camber. Check the timetables but I think it is either the 711 or the 100 bus you’ll need. OK ?



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